I was recently informed by my super sweet mother-in-law elect that they have to buy a bouquet for me. I hadn't thought about them AT ALL, and to be honest wasn't even sure I'd have a chance to carry one around. However, Tay and Jeff have been working diligently on the wedding ceremony order and it turns out I might actually be walking down a bonefied isle. More on that later. SO....now I have to pick out a bouquet.

Not surprisingly (especially if you're my mother), I'm hoping for something a little non-tradish. I was originally looking at feather bouquets. Sadly, they look just a bit too much like feather dusters for my taste. I mean, what kind of a message would that send to my future hubbs- that I'm doing all the cleaning? ...I think not. So what are my other non traditional options?

Tree Branches
I doubt there will be any blooming branches aroudn in October. Right?


They'd have to be green. Or Blue. Or grey.

Pretty! Pretty expensive.


Crazy exspensive... and lacy....

And my personal favorite... Cotton!

Love it!!!! But I can't find cotton branches anywhere. Help?

In summation, I want something diffrent, but diffrent is not cheap. Can I really make someone pay $100+ for something I hold for 30 seconds?


caseybeth said...

A)We used to pass by cotton fields all of the time in Louisiana. Don't know if that really helps, but there you go.

B) I LOVE the berries! Maybe you could find some weird blue and green ones. Would you consider painting them or is that too weird?

onawa said...

FUN FUN FUN! Love all your new posts! Candy and all! So exciting! Your wedding will be such a awesome mix of everything FUN!!! Love you!

Larinda said...

I can't remember when cotton harvest is, but it is around the time we will be in Texas. i can pick some up for you if they are available. I love the tree branches!!

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