Progress, Sweet Progress

Despite my absence, I really have been working on projects. And to prove it here's a wrap up of what I've accomplished this past week:

I was right...this will take quite a while to finish. It took a week and a half to get the first leaf done. That's a long time. However, now that I have the embroidery game plan down, it shouldn't take nearly as long to get the second one done. I'm using a stem stitch all along the edge of the leaf and inside as well for the separate leaves.
I have just basted the second leaf on the front and interfacing on the back. Without the interfacing, the stitches would pull. Pulling=crappy result. These two leaf bunches are the largest pieces to embroider. After I get these down, its a bunch of small letters and leaf bunches. My goal is to have the second leaf bunch done by next Wednesday. We'll see!
Head Piece
I came across this several weeks ago on Ban.do's site.

Isn't it sweet? Just silk leaves, feathers and a broach. I wanted to have something similar (and cheaper) for the wedding. I compiled velvet leaves, silver and dark grey, grey Russian veiling, some stiff felt, grey and blue hackle feathers and thread.

I began by making a felt pad to sew the feathers and leaves to. I cut it into a tear drop shape, though any shape would work depending on what you want the end result to be. Then I pinned on the leaves, moving them around until I found the look I wanted. I went for the general idea of the inspirational picture- sort of random looking. Here's the first layer of leaves being sewn in:

I sewed the leaves in several layers, making sure to leave space around the sides to allow for the addition of feathers later. Here's a few more layers:
The base of the head piece is all done now. Yes! I still need to decide what to do with it. How to put the feathers on, how to attach the veil, put it on a clip or head band, etc. Once I figure all that out I'll let you know! Here are a few feather options:

More projects to come.

There's been a serious lull in blog comments. I miss the feedback. Feel free to post your comments, well wishes and advice!


Anonymous said...

Are you doing all of this by hand? It's lovely.

ck&che said...

It is all by hand. A long process, but it will hopefully become an heirloom someday. Thanks for the comment!

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