New Year, New Post

Happy New Year, Ladies and Gents. Tis the year we get get hitched! It's hard to believe these are our last few months as singles. Now that school is out for a few weeks, I finally have time to blog a little. Here are some updates:
For starters, Casey has picked out her dress pattern. Its a nifty vintage vogue pattern that will look swell on her.
Mum and I are going fabric shopping this Saturday. Since Olivia will be in the vintage slipper satin we purchased in Butte, I'd love to have Casey in a nice deep green color. While shopping for Christmas presents a few days ago, Mom spied some curtains in Pier One that are perfect! Its a little unusual, sure, but what else is new? Its a very nice deep green silk shunting I think, and there is tons of fabric if we buy two panels. We'll find out this weekend if it'll work. Cross your fingers!

Also, I've been on a knitting kick lately...a serious knitting kick. Bordering on sickness, really. I visited a new knitting shop here in town, the Knit and Nosh. A super cute and helpful shop where I found some beautiful ivory yarn to knit this little tasty nugget:

Its a wedding bolero, and one that I have already started knitting. I've been searching the web for weeks for a little fuzzy bolero that a: isn't grandma-ish and b: isn't huge with no luck. Once I spied this pattern, however, I figured "why not make my own?" I'm a pretty capable knitter and I love learning new things, so here goes!

I'm not following her pattern exactly (it can be found here), instead I'm making it three quarter cut sleeve and cutting out the dopey droopy thing she's got going on (I mean I'm a hippy, but COME ON). I've also made the lace a little differently, so that it isn't so open, and has more stockinette in it. I am using the general pattern and measurements. I'll be sure to post a picture when I'm done. Its slow going, especially since this is my first attempt at knitting lace, but I do love a challenge! I already have several inches (although if I hadn't had to tear so much out and start over, I might be done with a sleeve by now!). I think it would look great with my wedding dress, and even if it doesn't, I have so much else I can wear it with anyway. Yay!

More to come.



onawa said...

Love it all!!!

Margaret said...

make sure you use a lifeline! that way if you mess up you can just frog back to the lifeline and not worry about it.

a lifeline is basically just some scrap yarn (not sparkly or fuzzy or anything, but a different colour) run through the stitches when you're knitting so if you ruin a stitch you're not left hopeless.

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