More Inspiration Comming Your Way

Meet Onawa, one of my oldest friends, awesome christian role model, mother to the cutest red haired little 21 month old girl, and talented graphic designer. Its the latter title that concerns this post today. Onawa has thoughtfully offered to design the wedding invites. I'm excited for several reasons: She has great taste, so anything she can whip up will be a treat for the eyes; she's my friend, and I love including meaningful people in the wedding chaos; also...she's so creative. You would know if you visited her house. Anyway, I sent her this little inspiration nugget today:
It's perfect for what Tay and (mostly) I have in mind. Nature, a bird or two, simple colors, but still a little funky. Classy funky if you will. The pillows are all we're really concerned with here, not that stripes are bad. We'll see what her creative little mind comes up with!


casey Latham said...

My computer won't load the birds image for some reason.

casey said...


onawa said...

awwwwwwwwh stop!!!! THANKS CORT! I can't wait to work on them!!! LOVE YOU!

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