Ghost-Faced Knitter

I said I'd update you on the knitted bolero front, so here I am.
I'm about 12-13 inches in. The left sleeve will finish out at 15 inches, then I'll finish seaming it until that point. I'll knit a few more inches for the shoulder and back. I figure I'll leave the left sleeve on the needle while i do the right sleeve and then join the two by simply knitting them together. We'll see if that actually works. Learning! Yay!
The lace work has gotten much easier now and I'm learning a lot about the meat of knitting. Its like dissecting frogs in high school science. I've torn so much out and dropped and picked up so many times now, I can now make up patterns and figure out patterns by looking at pictures. I never could do that until now. Courtney one, Knitting.....57. But I'm catching up. Here are a few picture samples of my work so far.


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