Starting Business: Part One- The Apple Blossom

Now begins the paper flower journey!

I've been collecting crepe paper, stamens, glue, tissue and all sorts of extra crafty things for a week now.  Last night I decided it was time to crack open the flower books and learn my destiny.  I started with flower number one:  the Apple Blossom. I figured, hey it's small, there are a bunch of them so I can practice them a few times.  Its probably going to be cake.

So wrong.  It seems the smaller the harder.  Which looking back is like:  duh.  My fingers, having not tinkled the ivories like they used to are not so nimble.  Still, I think they turned out pretty swell:

Here's the whole branch, with several clusters of white and pink blossoms and buds.

Up close.  I love how the insides look!

Next challenge: Poppies.


-Megan J W- said...

you made all that with paper, etc?
thats pretty sweet!
i hope all goes well with selling them and such, good luck!

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