The Couch: Remastered

The back alley foundling couch is finished!


I had already removed the NINE layers of fabric and the original stuffing, which for all accounts was completely nasty.  Notice the barf green paint on the wood.  The stuffing you see here is salvage foam and stuffing from a different couch we cannibalized and tossed.  Up-cyling!


Ahhh.  SO much better.  I stripped off the green paint and replaced it with a matte black.

Notice the trendy Ikea fabric?  'Stuff White People Like' would be so proud.

The cushions?  Up-cycled foam, of course.



ann said...

Holy cow! That is incredible!

Invisible Loom said...

Your "new" couch is just stunning!

jen said...

great job & bravery & patience for taking on a big project!

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