This Year’s Tree, Featuring “A Delicious Mess”

Christmas is 'a rolling here in the nest.  For someone who enjoys ribbons, baking cookies, pumpkin pie, men with beards...this is a magical time of year.  Luckily for me, I am just that kind of person.  One of my absolute favorite things is trimming the tree.  Sadly, as newly weds, Che and I are POOR.  I mean that in the first world sense (of course), but still, 25 bucks is a lot to spend on a tree that will end up (sadly) dead in the alleyway by year's end.  Not this year.  We've gone in an eco and pocket friendly direction this year with:


While I wish I could take credit for this amazing project...it must go to the very crafty and admirable Dottie Angel Blog.  Her gleeful "whatnot" tree is amazing!  So amazing that upon seeing it, I simply had to make one of my own.

I have blissfully termed  it "A Delicious Mess". 

From what I understand, the Gleeful Tree is whatever makes you gleeful.  So naturally, the thing is covered in ribbons, buttons, feathers, birds and cameos. 

The whole project cost under $10.

Branch:  free
Leftover project paint:  free
Gifted Bird Ornaments:  free
flowerpot: $2.49
Brickabrac:  free
Plaster of Paris:  $2.99
Feathers, buttons, doodads from the handmade Wedding Boutonneres:  free
Popcorn garland:  hand crotched by moi (free!)
Ribbons from the  handmade Wedding Corsages and CD/Program Gifts:  (duh) free


How did I do it?  Easy! 
Pick your branch, the curvier the better
Fill your very sturdy pot/container 3/4 full with plaster; it expands so expect some cracking if you use a flower pot. Push your branch down into the plaster within 2-3 minutes of pouring in the plaster.

After the plaster has completely dried, sand all the nubs and bark off of your branch (this is much easier to accomplish when the branch can stand).

Paint your pot and your branch

Let it all dry over night
Decorate it until it resembles something your sewing basket threw up on.

Thanks again to Dottie Angel for the inspiration.


ann said...

LOVE it! :)

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

That is too cute!

caseybeth said...

yay that's you and me in the pot!

caseybeth said...
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dottie angel said...

what a lovely gleeful tree you have yourselves!! so happy you were inspired to go down the same path as me this christms...
i do wish you both a season full of glee and a lovely christmas together :)
Tif x

Anonymous said...

I *love* the crocheted popcorn garland!

Where I grew up in Idaho, people have been known to use tumbleweeds. (Those are free, if you can catch 'em.)

Katherine at Whirlingturban

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