A Veil!

Wow. A ton a of life changes since the last post. The biggest one- Graduation! Yes, thats right, Tay and I are both graduates. Finally. It was quite the crush getting everything done, packed, moved and all- thus the lack of postings. Fear not! I have a dreadfully dull summer ahead of me, so that means tons of blogging! Yay!

Grammy and I went to my favorite vintage shop in the state- Montana Vintage clothing in Billings where I purchased three great broaches for the bridesmaids and a wonderfully cheap veil. Aren't the broaches great? I love how they are all unique but still seem to tie in together. I'm still tossing around the idea of a wrist corsage for the 'maids. Tay and I aren't planning to include a bunch of flowers in the wedding, instead using non-traditional things like grass, twigs, and these vintage broaches.

Veils are pretty expensive, no matter the length. I've been looking around the web for little veils to play with. Imagine my surprise when I come across a little vintage veil for only $4! It was hiding in a little transparent cylinder in the corner. I gingerly pulled it out and found the whole veil intact, a very rare find indeed. It's a pinkish cream color and features little velour roses and dots. Very vintage.

It was pretty crumpled up so I've been steaming and pulling it out slowly. I still have more work to do with it until it's wearable but its getting there.
I've found only one tiny broken string, which you can see below. It's an easy fix, just some gentle glue.

I also purchased some vintage millinery supplies that match the color of the veil. I'm also going to be in the market for some cream feathers and possibly a few little rhinestones. The feathers and millinery will act as both a cover for the gathering in the back and also a pin to secure the veil. Even with a few more details to buy, the total for the veil is under $50. Not bad for an average cost of over $150!

More to come on the veil!


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