Save the Dates Headed your Way

Hey Folks,

Onawa has begun the creation process! Save the dates will soon be materializing. I was plowing through the Internet the other day and found the needed inspiration:

Its a save the date concert poster! I saw it and knew immediately that it was a bombin' idea. Seeing as our wedding will feature music prominently (ahem) and us prominently (ahem) and really us making music ....prominently (AHEM), it made sense. It also seems to be on the uncommon side as far as save the dates go. What would be super cute was if the invites featured tickets to the show (as in the ceremony). Cool right? Yeah, I know. The best part is, it leaves tons of room for Onawa to play with and incorporate the birds and naturey stuff that the wedding will have. She might even have the chance to slip in one of our awesome engagement pics. Yay! Of course this is all just my brain spouting off excitement. If Onawa designs something way better, who am I to crush awesomeness?


onawa said...

OH THE PRESSURE!!! hee hee! :)

onawa said...

it really is still coming! promise!

onawa said...

yours is way cooler i must say! Your pic fits this poster just perfecto! Now you just have to post it. Let me know if you want to do a sticker or something for your envelopes too. You can buy sticker paper etc. And if you want to create a ticket... or save that one to look more like your actual invites. We'll hook it up yo! I'm assuming you'll want the actual invites out by Aug? Let me know details! love you!

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